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1. Links
Note About Links
For information about who can link to our website, please visit here.
Our company will contact you after approving (or not approving) your link settings.

How to Set Up Links
Please establish links to this website by linking to our homepage:
We may change or delete links without prior notification.
2. Copyright
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Please do not use (copy, upload, publish, cite, etc.) information or programs on this website for any other purpose, including other websites or printed materials.
Any use of content published on this website beyond the limits stipulated in the Japanese Copyright Act without permission is prohibited.
3. Trademarks
Rights associated with trademarks displayed on this website (including trade and service marks) belong to our company or the rights holders that have granted our company permission to use them.
Use of trademarks without consent of the rights holder is prohibited.
4. Site Administration
Our company pays meticulous attention to the information published on this website.
However, our company assumes no responsibility for any damages that may occur as a result of a user’s use or lack of use of that information, or from any other use of this website.
We make every effort to assure that our products match the colors shown, but in some cases true colors may differ from those on your computer screen. Thank you for your understanding.
Our company assumes no responsibility for any damages that may occur as a result of changes to information on this website, or suspension or stoppage of operation of this website, regardless of reason.
5. Email
Our company reserves copyright to information contained in emails, including those we send in reply to inquiries from customers, or those for which we have received consent from the customer to send. Any reuse of this content for purposes such as other websites or printed materials, or reuse or secondary use of any or all of the content of an email for any other purposes without the consent of our company is prohibited.
On rare occasions, replies we send to emails we have received result in “send failed” messages, and we are unable to reply.
If your email address settings are not correctly configured, you will not be able to receive emails from our company.
Please confirm that you are using the correct email address when sending our company an email.
6. Recommended Browsers
We recommend the following browsers for optimal use of our website.

・Internet Explorer9 or later
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・Safari 1.0 or later
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7. Email

1. Actions that infringe upon the property or privacy of our company or a third party, or those that threaten to do so.
2. Actions that disadvantage or cause harm to our company or a third party, or those that threaten to do so.
3. Actions that violate public order or decency, or those that threaten to do so.
4. Criminal acts or acts associated with criminal activity, or those that may be construed as such.
5. Providing false information such as registering with the email address of another person.
6. Using or supplying harmful programs including computer viruses, or actions that may be construed as such.
7. Actions in violation of laws, regulation, or other ordinances, or those that may be construed as such.
8. Any other actions that our company deems inappropriate.
8. Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction
Interpretation and application of the terms of use of this website shall be done so in accordance with the laws of Japan, unless otherwise specified.
The court of first instance for all legal disputes associated with use of this website shall be the Kumamoto District Court, unless otherwise specified.