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Carefully selected ingredients
Our Health and Beauty Products

  • Health food

    To live an enriched life in both body and soulHealth food

    Your everyday partner for lifestyle support containing luxurious plant-based minerals and highly pure proteoglycans.

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  • Skin Care

    Beautiful from the inside out
    Get the skin of your youth back
    Skin care

    In addition to proteoglycans, 13 types of growth factor ingredients*1, 3 stem cell-derived components*2, and a blend of minerals and various skin care ingredients.
    *1:A blend of 3 types of lotion, 5 types of cream, 5 types of UV cream
    *2:A blend of essence

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Trusted system of support

The THANKS AI CORPORATION conducts product analysis and obtains certifications so that our overseas customers can feel confident when using our products.

We request product analysis from a JAKIM designated research institution* that conducts strict audit assessments based on the standards (sanitary, manufacturing process, safety, etc.) determined in accordance with the teachings of each country, and disclose those results to our customers.
Please see below regarding the analysis results and certification content for each product.


※ UNIPEQ Sdn Bhd (UKM) / Melaka Biotech Corporation / Institut Penyelidikan Produk Halal (USIM) / TPM Biotech Sdn Bhd