Employment Education

A business that can expand globally
for an era that seeks value for new work

  • What we can do now for the future,
    to keep our lives rich in mind and body

    The national debt has exceeded ¥1 quadrillion, and is currently growing at a rate of ¥82 billion per day.
    Japan’s bloated debt, unmatched in the world, is being narrowly saved from bankruptcy by the Japanese people’s large ¥1.6 quadrillion in financial assets.
    However, as taxes, medical expenses, social insurance, and pensions increase more and more in the future, they will only suppress these assets more.
    We have entered an era where the important thing is not “How much money you make” but “How you make your money.”

  • THANKS AI’s global business
    spreading to 123 countries around the world

    In order to not only preserve our assets but grow them, we need to look to the world and become involved with business that can expand globally.
    With THANKS AI’s membership-based sales system and its unique Internet-based “FASTRACK” network system, we have connected 123 countries of the world (as of April 3rd, 2015), making deals and communicating freely across language barriers regardless of time and place.
    It is precisely because we are in an era that demands added value for new work that THANKS AI’s “truly global business” can support your business to expand throughout the world.