THANKS AI Activities

Related to Heart

Welcome to Thanks AI.
Thanks AI has founded to give true richness to all over the world with basic guideline of 4 Education Activities,
that is, food education, employment education,
commercial education and agricultural education.

The driving force behind all Thanks AI's activities is love and gratitude from heart.
It is nurtured by the spirit of love and gratitude that connects the hearts of mine
and all the members around the world as well.

No matter how far the society develops, how convenient it is,
or how much money you earn, the most important thing in the end is health.

It is meaningless unless you and your loved ones are healthy.

THANKS AI Activities

The 4 THANKS AI Activities
will support your lifestyle
so you can live a life rich in body and spirit.

  • 01 Food Education

    01 Food EducationReducing national health care costs by improving eating habits and promoting plant-based minerals.

    Based on the motto, “Taste the joy that abundance brings.” we aim to promote plant-based minerals to improve eating habits and reduce national health care costs.

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  • 02 Employment Education

    02 Employment EducationWith our referral sales model, we promote new employment opportunities for anyone, regardless of sex, age, or experience.

    By using the referral sales model, we promote new employment opportunities. By revitalizing the economy, we will help protect Japan’s precious culture.

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  • 03 Commercial Education

    03 Commercial EducationThese support activities help existing businesses to be more prosperous by sharing the benefits of membership.

    We offer members-only benefits to those who sell our products, helping them to become more prosperous in business. We aim to share the benefits of membership.

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  • 04 Agricultural Education

    04 Agricultural EducationThese support activities help existing businesses to be more prosperous by spreading Ai farming.

    By spreading Ai farming based on sustainable agriculture, we aim to create safe, secure production and improve self-sufficiency.

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