• Changing Japan’s farming to fix the world’s food.
  • We believe this is the form that the future of nature and energy and nutrient-rich food should take.
  • We create enriched lives from enriched food and change the future starting with the world’s dinner table.
  • With our friends all over the world we continue to expand our activities with a single KOKOROZASHI (aspiration).
  • We aim to achieve the happiness of eating that lies before richness.





Starting with healthy eating,
we spread Thanks and love (“Ai”)
throughout the world.

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Cultivate health together
THANKS AIActivities

We support your life
with THANKS AI’s four activities
(food education, employment education,
commercial education, and agricultural education)
so you can lead a life rich
in mind and body

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A rich life starts with health We have reconsidered the things we can do for our health.


The best building blocks
of food and health
that we truly need today

We bring you the best materials,
plant-based minerals and Proteoglycan,
that we have found in our worldwide search.

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Delivering safety and peace of mind
Product Information

Learn about the THANKS AI products
that support your health

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Change the future with food - Change the world with THANKS AI


Video Introduction

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