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  • A blessing for the body, thanks to naturePerfect Mineral Ai(Powder)

    “Perfect Mineral Ai” is a new mineral powder produced by blending acerola, citric acid, and vitamins.

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  • A combination of ancient and modern plant-based mineralsHybrid Mineral Ai

    This product contains Organic fulvic acid mineral extract (derived from humid shale) and the modern plant-based mineral Replan, which has wild growth restoration powers.

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  • Start to maximize the potential of your beautyKawaii Essence Ai

    A preservative-free beauty lotion that blends plant minerals proteoglycans, plant stem cell culture solution, fulvic acid, and 13 types of extracts including resveratrol.

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  • Worldwide patented high-purity proteoglycan compoundProfil ®

    Profil ® is a next-generation edible film supplement made by Biomatic and patented worldwide that contains a rich blend of high-purity proteoglycans extracted using alkaline extraction technology.

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    Support good health and growth with recommended ingredients.CANEAL

    Chitosan animal dietary fiber, highly absorptive chitin oligosaccharide, chitosan oligosaccharide, odorless garlic and vitamin E, all compressed into single tablets. We approach beauty and health from the inside out, for example by improving the intestinal environment.

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  • For a comfortable and care-free, active lifestyleJoyfil ®

    Type II collagen, which makes up about 40~45%(exclude moisture) of cartilage, is extracted in its natural form from natural salmon nasal cartilage.Active collagen II helps to keep joints flexible for an active lifestyle.

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